Artist Residency at Tall Pines Conservancy

There are 17 artists participating in a year-long residency program called ARTservancy, a collaboration in partnership  between Gallery 224 in Port Washington and the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust, River Revitalization FoundationMilwaukee Area Land ConservancyTall Pines Conservancy, and the Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory. The mission of ARTservancy is to promote the visionary work of both the artists and conservationists. Each artist has selected a preserve, conservancy or land trust to spend time in and to engage with.

Artist Residency Bio

Friends tell me I notice what others overlook. I feel this is my gift as a photographer – having a keen sense of observation and vision through my lens. My photography is a glimpse into my intuitive and sensitive nature. My images reflect a world infused with stories and snippets in time. I have a passion to travel, explore and simply be the seeker, the observer. A quote by an unknown author sums up my photographic philosophy, “You don’t TAKE a photograph, you ask QUIETLY, to BORROW it.”

For my ARTservancy residency I am working with Tall Pines Conservancy (TPC), a nationally accredited, nonprofit land trust focused on preserving the Lake Country region and beyond. 

I chose TPC because of the combination of preserves, watersheds and farms. It feels natural to me. My father had a 40-acre maple syrup farm in upstate Pennsylvania and simply loved being outside. I know his love of the great outdoors has had a profound impact on me. I look forward to working with TPC, serving the mission to preserve and protect the heritage of farmland, water resources and natural open spaces in the area. By using my gifts to observe and “borrow,” I will strive to awaken awareness in others who may or may not realize the treasures we have and the responsibility to preserve them for future generations.

If you want to read further, here is a link to a blog written by Eddee Daniel through his blog "A Wealth of Nature" on my artist residency with Tall Pines Conservancy and Gallery 224. 

Artist Showing
July 9th - Saturday
6 - 7:30 pm 
Gallery 224 - Port Washington