"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."                                                                                                            - Dorothea Lange

Suzanne's photography is a glimpse into her intuitive and sensitive nature. Her images reflect a world infused with stories and snippets in time that speak to the human spirit. Suzanne has a wanderlust and passion to travel, explore and simply be the seeker, the observer. She often travels solo so that she can walk the streets as though she is invisible, with her camera in hand, searching and observing what unfolds in front of her.


Originally from the East Coast, she migrated to Milwaukee some 27 years ago and is now home until she packs up and hits the road again. Photography is her natural way to interpret the world. The expressions and gestures she observes are the ones that come from a place deep within. Thatcher Hullerman Cook, a photographer familiar with Suzanne's work, describes her style as, "quiet and sensitive with a keen sense of observation." She seeks out the small gestures that express deep emotion whether it's an image of someone's hard working hands or an expression of simple, joy, deep sadness or a dream-like state.


A quote by an unknown author sums up Suzanne's photographic philosophy, "You don't TAKE a photograph, you ask QUIETLY, to BORROW it." To capture that emotion inside a frame is to be present in the moment and see. Suzanne credits photographers Dorothea Lange, Helen Levitt and Robert Frank as having the greatest influence on her and the expression of her art through the lens.


If you are interested in contacting Suzanne or purchasing any pieces in her portfolio of work, please use the guestbook on the website or email her directly at suzanne.garr@gmail.com.